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S Since 1997, we’ve been in the business of keeping your CNC machines running.

Our well-trained service technicians perform:

  • Ballbar Testing
  • CNC Upgrades
  • Machine Tool Rebuilding
  • Machine Repair Services
Plus a host of additional services such as Preventative Maintenance & machine calibrations.

This has earned us the reputation as "the one to call" when your CNC machine breaks down and needs to be re-calibrated. When all is said and done, it means our customers can get back to business by increasing their productivity and reducing downtime.

Ballbar Testing

What is a ballbar test?
A ballbar test monitors machine tool spindle movement as it follows a programmed circular path and compares the machine path to an imaginary perfect circle.

How does a ballbar test work?
The machine does a circular interpolation around a fixed point, usually on the machine table, and the telescoping ballbar measures any deviation between the fixed point and the spindle.

After the test is complete, the software compiles this data and calculates the machine criteria such as, backlash, squareness, and machine positional capability.

Can ballbar testing be done on lathes?
Lathes can be tested, but are trickier than horizontal or vertical milling machines due to the limited space within the machine and ability or inability to travel over center.


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