TE-CO Workholding

TE-CO Business Philosophy

TTE-CO is a leader in workholding technology, which includes clamping and set-up tools, tooling components, inspection and gaging for CMM applications, spring loaded devices, hoist rings, Toolex vise workholding systems, and tooling plates and columns.

TTE-CO believes in the application of the Golden Rule to all phases of their business including relationships...with their customers, management, employees, stockholders, sales representatives, suppliers, government, and neighbors. TE-CO is firmly established in the concept of profitable free enterprise, they recognize that their success is linked with that of many others and must be developed through enlightened self-interest.

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Tooling Components

YG-1 Milling Tools

Stainless Steel
Ball Buttons

Sowa Tool Lathe Chucks

Hoist Rings

TE-CO Hoist Rings

Toolex Vise Workholding

TE-CO Toolex Vises

CMM Fixturing & Inspection

TE-CO CMM Fixturing & Inspection Components

Columns & Plates

TE-CO Columns & Plates

Spring Loaded Devices

TE-CO Spring Loaded Devices

Spring & Ball Plunger Wrenches

TE-CO Spring & Ball Plunger Wrenches

Toggle Clamps

TE-CO Toggle Clamps

Clamping Levers

Sowa Accessories

Flat Washer

TE-CO Flat Washer Assortments

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